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Cathodic Protection Technology Testimonials

“The way I see it, had I been able to convince our Board back in 1996 to go with CPT, we would have prevented $1.9M in restoration repairs, noise disruption, rental loss, and everything else that comes with concrete repair.”

-- Duncan Dowling, President, Blue Surf Condominium

We had three major restoration projects all roughly 5 years apart and costing us millions of dollars – since we installed CPT’s system in 1997, we have had no major concrete restoration – that’s 12 years and no major concrete restoration – this alone has saved our owners millions of dollars.

-- Julie Wages, 2100 Towers, Property Manager

After researching the market and receiving information from CPT, we made the decision to implement their solution. 12 years later, we are restoration free and one of the oldest structures protected with CPT’s solution. As a former Exxon Engineering Manager, I've worked with all kinds of Engineers, we knew it would work, and we are extremely pleased.

-- George Matthews, President, The Reef Condominium

We installed CPT’s system in 2002 because we did not want to experience restoration ever again. 7 years later we are still restoration free except for areas we did not install the ICCP system. This really validates our decision. Their customer service is exemplary – any questions or concerns we have, they respond immediately.

-- Greg Smith, Property Manager, Mainsail

We have been protected with CPT’s solution now for 14 years. Back in 1994, this was considered cutting edge technology and looking back it has saved us at least three restoration cycles. Homeowners that haven’t been through restoration don’t realize all the headaches and pain that comes with it – thank you CPT for supporting us back then and today!

-- Art Friedman, Resort Manager, Sea Gull