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CPT Engineered Solutions

We specialize in providing engineered solutions to corrosion problems. The company was formed in 1995 with a broad combination of general contracting, commercial roofing, restoration, coatings and engineering experience. CPT has gained its singular insight to corrosion mitigation thru 20 years of experience in addressing Condominium concrete restoration projects.

CPT's unique area of expertise is in the application of impressed current cathodic protection to Condominium balconies, walkways, plaza decks and parking garages. The application is provided on the top-side or soffit-side of a surface and ultimately transparent to the structure once final coatings are applied. CPT has pioneered the use of this technology for corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures. CPT's technology services include education, design, support, commissioning and annual maintenance.

CPT's experience has armed our team with the knowledge and understanding to not only diagnose your corrosion problems but also design the optimal corrosion protection system - literally eliminating the future threat of corrosion and expensive restoration cycles - GURANTEED. Our professional staff includes N.A.C.E. certified resources, Engineers, General Contractors and experienced technicians that have performed training, installation, education and commissioning of our proprietary solution.

CPT Mission

To preserve the homeowners restoration investment by providing long-term engineered corrosion prevention solutions with innovation and integrity.