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Engineered Concrete Corrosion Repair and Prevention | Cathodic Protection Technology

Cathodic Protection Technology (CPT) specializes in providing engineered solutions to corrosion problems. Our singular focus on corrosion mitigation comes from our 20 years of experience in addressing condominium concrete restoration projects. CPT's unique area of expertise is in the application of impressed current cathodic protection to condominium balconies, walkways, plaza decks and parking garages.

In the early 1990’s, CPT was created after years of doing restoration and repair work. We started to become dissatisfied that we could not offer a long-term solution to our customers. The challenges condominiums and the environment face when going thru a restoration project (disruption, dirt, dust, debris, revenue lost, time, noise, etc) is very disheartening. It was this vicious restoration cycle that motivated us to research prospective long-term solutions.

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Experience Matters

CPT's experience in implementing impressed current cathodic protection systems on millions of square feet and thousands of balconies have given us singular insight to what works